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Google releases virtual reality tour of Abbey Road Studios for Cardboard

Music fans received a special treat today when Google announced it had turned its Street View tour of Abbey Road into a virtual reality app. Android users can download the app to use with Google Cardboard, the company’s VR kit. The company says an iOS version is coming soon. Google had previously created a multi-media tour […]

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Chinese AI team plans to challenge Google’s AlphaGo at board game

BEIJING (By Paul Carsten, Reuters) – A team from China plans to challenge Google’s AlphaGo, the artificial intelligence (AI) program that beat a world-class player in the ancient board game Go, the state-owned Shanghai Securities News reported on Thursday. Scientists from the China Computer Go team will issue a challenge to AlphaGo by the end […]

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Google now shows swipeable image ads when you search for cars

Google has released what it calls “Model Automotive Ads,” a new ad format that brings up slick swipeable images of cars when consumers search on Google for particular models. The auto industry is just the latest to be aggressively targeted by Google, as the company faces heightened competition from Facebook in attracting advertisers. Just three […]

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Google Domains moves to a ‘.Google’ domain

The mighty Google has made an ever-so-subtle change to its domain-name buying service Google Domains — it’s now hosted on its very own “.Google” top-level domain (TLD). Anyone visiting “” or “” from now on will be redirected to “” The Internet has been opened to countless more TLDs beyond the likes of .com, .net, […]

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Google unveils Fiber Phone, a $10/month home phone service coming to all Fiber cities

Google today announced Fiber Phone, a home phone service powered by “much of the same technology as Google Voice.: Fiber Phone is an optional $10-per-month add-on for Basic, Gig, and Gig TV customers. Home phone service — is this an early April Fools’ joke? “Haha, definitely not” a Google spokesperson told VentureBeat. Fiber Phone includes […]

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How to market across 300 channels? Find out at Mobile Summit

VB EVENT: Brands seeking to distribute their message over mobile phones face an unbelievably fragmented world. Gabe Leydon, CEO of Machine Zone — which has emerged as one of the largest gaming companies and now one of the largest mobile advertisers — counts 300 different channels. Each of them has competing standards and protocols, and tracking real […]

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Google may reportedly add augmented reality support to its camera app

Google is rumored to be looking at bringing augmented reality to its camera app. If true, the company would leverage technology from Google Goggles thereby allowing you to see relevant search results like nearby restaurants, transit information, and recommended retailers to purchase items. Details given to Android Authority through an anonymous source state that the […]

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The 10 biggest European tech stories this week

This week, tracked 47 funding deals and 13 M&A transactions in Europe and Israel. Like every week, we listed every single one of them in our free weekly newsletter, along with interesting news regarding fledgling European startups, tech investors old and new, a number of good reads published elsewhere, government and policy news, as […]

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Google starts the Android Experiments I/O Challenge to attract more open-source projects

Google is announcing today the launch of Android Experiments I/O Challenge, a short program to encourage the submission of cool new open-source Android apps to the Android Experiments program that Google introduced last year. Google has racked up apps in its online gallery since then, but with its I/O developer conference coming up in May, […]

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France fines Google over ‘right to be forgotten’ privacy violations

(Reuters) – The French data protection authority said it has fined Google 100,000 euros ($111,720) for not scrubbing web search results widely enough in response to a European privacy ruling. The only way for Google to uphold the privacy ruling was by delisting results popping up under name searches and linking them instead to outdated […]

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Google beefs up Gmail security with Safe Browsing warnings and tips for avoiding state-sponsored attacks

Google today updated Gmail with two new security improvements. The company also underlined a proposal to further boost email security as a whole. First up, Google has turned on its Safe Browsing service for Gmail users. While the feature has already been used to identify potentially dangerous links in messages, starting this week, Gmail users […]

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Google is building YouTube Connect, a live streaming app to take on Periscope

EXCLUSIVE: Google has quietly been building a new live streaming app called YouTube Connect, VentureBeat has learned. This service highlights the company’s efforts to double down on live video while also placing it in a position to compete directly against Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live. YouTube Connect will be available on both iOS and Android devices. Google did […]

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Google Cloud Platform now offers identity and access management roles for users

Google today announced at its GCP NEXT conference in San Francisco that it’s adding more enterprise-focused features to its Google Cloud Platform public cloud. Most prominently, there’s a new tool available in beta called Cloud IAM that allows big companies to make sure that certain people can only do certain things with Google cloud infrastructure. […]

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AlphabetBusinessCloudGCP Next 2016GoogleGoogle Cloud Platform

Google launches Cloud Machine Learning Platform in limited preview

Google today announced at its GCP NEXT conference in San Francisco a new service called Cloud Machine Learning in a limited preview. The tool relies on the TensorFlow machine learning library that Google open-sourced a few months ago. And it powers another new product called the Google Cloud Speech API. Google’s launch of the service […]

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Google: Android Pay to arrive in the U.K. ‘in the next few months,’ confirms 8 banks for launch

Google has finally revealed plans to launch Android Pay in Europe, with the Internet giant announcing the U.K. as its launchpad across the Atlantic “in the next few months.” Google launched its Apple Pay competitor last May, but it has hitherto been a U.S-only affair. Similar to Apple Pay, Google’s mobile-payment service lets users make […]

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Google’s cloud business nabs Home Depot as customer

(Reuters) – Google, long an also-ran in cloud services, has scored an important victory in its effort to win corporate clients: Home Depot is moving some of its data toGoogle’s cloud. The deal, flagged Tuesday by Google executive Greg DeMichillie in a briefing and expected to be announced formally on Wednesday, highlights the momentum Google […]

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Google will kill its Chrome app launcher for Windows, Mac, and Linux in July

Google today announced plans to kill off the Chrome app launcher for Windows, Mac, and Linux in July. The tool, which lets users launch apps outside the browser, will continue to live on in Chrome OS. As you might suspect, the Chrome app launcher was originally ported from Chrome OS. Google first experimented with bringing […]

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Here’s Google’s real answer to Amazon Web Services

Today Google finally told the world its real strategy for competing with public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services (AWS). Google first launched the Google Compute Engine infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in 2012, but it has always been in the shadows of AWS. Google tried using major price cuts in order to gain ground […]

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